iPhone Repair close to Disney/Universal 

Are you here in Orlando on vacation enjoying one of our world famous theme parks such as Disneyworld and Universal Studious?

We all know how frustrated it is not be able to use your phone while on vacation due to a crack screen, batteries that is draining to fast or faulty camera.  

Our mission in Smart Fix is to keep you up and runing in no time.

With our convenient locations

5 minutes away from Disney world from our Vineland location. 

5 mins away from Universal Studious from our I drive location. 

With longer business hours then the rest 10:00-23:00 7 days a week we got you coverd.

No Worries, Smart Fix is Here 

Are you looking for an excellent repair of the screen of your phone, you do not have to worry because the dedicated staff would do the best they can in making an easy and excellent repair or your device. From the checking to the replacing of the part, you are assured the device would be repaired in no time. With a fast approach and proven expertise, the repair would be made in the best possible time.

Round the Clock iPhone Repair

If you want to have an emergency repair of your phone, iPhone repair Orlando

mall has you covered in a 24/7 repair service.  Our team at the Mall is

dedicated to answering your calls and inquiries.

They are very open to details so all the specifics of the repair would

be discussed in a complete and a detailed way. We want you to have

a great satisfaction so the staff sees to it the best customer service

would be given to you.

Price You would be happy to have

Do you want a high-quality iPhone repair in an affordable price?

We got you covered on that one. You do not need to tighten your

budget because you would not regret the affordable price we have.

Any of the Orlando residents and visitors could enjoy a certified repair

service at a lowest cost.  With it, you have the full convenience that with the

high-quality service, you have the lowest price you could get.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Smart Fix does its best not only once but all the time. Each client would have a 100% guarantee of satisfaction at the end of each repair. The team is well trained and specialized in giving the satisfaction to you in a fast and a sure way.

Smart Fix saves you time and money because it assures each repair service is made in the right way by certified technicians each with a minimum of 5 years experience in the industry.

Our techs have successfully repaired Hundred of devices and are on expert level when it come to trouble shooting and fast turnaround.

All of the repairs are done on the spot while you wait or shop.

Iphones 15 minutes 

ipads 40 minutes.

iphone repair orlando mall

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